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Crucial Decision - No more Beachball   Podcast

Low and behold...the spinning #MacBeachBall slowed my workflow down for months.  I couldn't even click on a search bar without my lap top taking 5 minutes to think about its task.  I tried everything...running first aid on hard drive and startup disk, re-install OS, and I even bought a Mac-cleaning software.  None of these typical solutions worked for me.  As a last resort, I spent the $50 for a diagnostic test at a great little Mac store, MacMelrose.  It took a couple days for them to make sure what the problem was.  

The results showed I just needed a new and improved 1 terabyte SSD(Solid State Hard Drive! The price tag was $525 for the test, the SSD hard rive, and the labor all together.  Not bad for all the time its now saving me.  The new drive is so fast....I can't even believe it!  All my problems are solved! Also, I highly recommend @MacMelrose Little pricey but very knowledgeable.

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 Newly married, refreshed, and ready to hit the the ground running. I have an arsenal of production tools from #Output and all the inspiration in the world to make beats for me and you alike.  Im currently working on my own EP...badass artists wanted! I'm also selling production to other artists through my own website and  Hit me up for production inquiries! Lets make something great happen!!! @J_Ro_Music


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